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Sandra Dee's World of Fairies

Art by Brian Froud
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By: Josephine Wall


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by Meilin Wong
by "Meilin Wong"


Fairy Dust
The Spawn of The Imagination

Fairies, sprites, elves and gnomes
Wander in darkness till we give them homes

Those are the ones that we can't see
But our imagination wants them to be

A part of our dream world, a daydream scene
We know they are there but never seen

Apparitions, of living, but subtle wraith
We accept their existence by faith

Were they put in your mind by suggestion?
How did you learn?  That is the question.

Or could it be, they were always there
And until you saw one you were unaware?

How did you see it, how, where and when?
Could you prove it's existence even then.

All of us humans have an imagination
To liven our minds and  prevent stagnation

We need these tiny, unseen creatures
With their easily recognizable features

To wander our real world and set it straight
To temper the difference between love and hate

Thus, it's the task of imagination's spawn
To make us aware of dusk and dawn.

Written by:
Sean Mc Kelvy, The Poet of Alamo
"Imagination's Garden"

Fairies Slide Show Updated

by "Meilin Wong"

"The Faeries Queen" By: Gilbert Williams

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