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Welcome to the mystical world of fairy links, pictures and poems. Hope you enjoy all the links below as much as I did. If you have a link you would like added to this page please send me an email.
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twinkle stars
twinkle stars
twinkle stars
twinkle stars
Fairy Dust
"Imagination's Creations"

The most active of imagination's creatures
With a vast array of features
Are the fairies we hide
Deep down inside.

In the midst of the maze
And observing their ways
We never forget them
And we never regret them.

They are there and will stay
It's only for our mind to say
Whether we go with them
Or simply "myth" them

They are a part of our universe
Here, for our better or worse.
They're with us when we need them
If we'll only heed them.

They are shameless and blameless
Kindling fires that are flameless
Lighting fires that within us burn
A better world for which we yearn

They make our world a better place
From inner thought to outer space
We certainly should never doubt them,
What would our world be without them?

We need the fairies and they need us
Consider the benefits of "fairy dust"
Widely accepted as a magic power
From city street to hidden bower
The knowledge of it is universal
And it's there for our dispersal
You need the fairy's magic wand
And a cause for which you're fond.

They'll do the magic sprinkle
Like tiny stars that twinkle
This only one of many features
Found in these imagination's creatures


Written by:
Sean Mc Kelvy,
The Poet of Alamo

twinkle stars
twinkle stars
twinkle stars
twinkle stars

So many times in my past
When my happies wouldn't last
I'd look for a mythical friend
To make my sads come to an end

Just when you're about to blow up
These friendly things start to show up
Think how much better you'll feel
When they make your problems unreal

Written by:
Sean Mc Kelvy, The Poet of Alamo


Sometimes when you're feeling down
And you've got whatever's going around
It takes a fairy, an elf or a sprite
To make things start looking right

So you see we really need them
And we should always heed them
They know just what to do
To keep you from feeling blue

These images were used with the artist's permission.

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By: Jessica Galbreth

By: Brian Froud

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Ruth Thompson. All rights reserved! Read the legal information.
Ruth Thompson's Tarnished Images

"Fairy Rings"

When fairies meet on a moonlit night
They find a spot that's out of sight
Making circles and chant their song
They always bring their stools along

I can see in the morning where they met
Even where each fairy set
I'm sure you've seen that little ring
Where they met with songs to sing

In the meadow or out on the lawn
They usually leave them there at dawn
I like to play a little game
And give each one a fairy name

August the king sits on the right
They all stay till he takes flight
Opposite him is the fairy queen
I call her Fae Maureen

They  fly together on a moonlight beam
Sing and dance like a lovely dream
Those little instruments the fairies play
Will cause the pair to swing and sway

Written by:
Sean Mc Kelvy, The Poet of Alamo

"Fae Maureen"

Fae Maureen, was a fairy queen
I loved her right from the start
Her gossamer wings; dainty things
Really captured my heart

Yes I've known her all my life
Kept her close by my side
Hardly let her out of my sight
With her I could always confide

Good fairies are hard to find
With the magic touch of their wand
They could light fireflies in flight
Or melt the ice on the pond.

There seemed little she couldn't do
 I depended on her so much
She did everything I asked
There was reality in her touch

She'd touch the bottom of a cloud
From which the rain would flow
Then sprinkle fairy dust upon it
And make the rainbow glow

She could dart here and there
Seems like she was everywhere
All I could do was stand and stare
She was the fairest of the fair.

Written by:
Sean Mc Kelvy, The Poet of Alamo

Ruth Thompson. All rights reserved! Read the legal information.
Ruth Thompson's Tarnished Images

Many thanks to Sean Mc Kelvy, The Poet of Alamo
for the poems. If you would like to read more of his poems
you can visit him at:  "Imagination's Garden"

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Artist "Unknown"

By: Jeff Bedrick



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