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Angel Starsangel

I'm told they are angels twinkling
Those blinking stars up above
There seems so many of them
There must be plenty of love
Angels are a glowing source
of loving care and attention
up there offering to God
prayers for our intervention

We also ask them for guidance
to lead us through each day
they are the servants of God
All we have to do is pray

Written by
Sean Mc Kelvy,
The Poet of Alamo

Angel with child
"That Angel" 

A soon-to-be-born baby was talking with God, and said,

"Lord, you will send me to earth tomorrow, but how will I survive
there, being so small and weak?"

And the Lord replied, 

I chose from the many angels, one that happily awaits you.

That angel will hug you, kiss you, sing to you and smile at you everyday,
and you will be very happy with the hugs, the songs and the smiles,
and you will be taken by the hand through beautful gardens.

"But how will I understand if I don't know the strange language of

That angel will talk to you and teach you the sweetest and warmest
words  ever heard by human ears

"And what do I do when I want to talk to you, Lord?"

That angel will join your little hands and will teach you 
the way to find me and see me.

"I have heard that earth can be bad. Who will defend me?"

That angel will defend and risk death for you.

"But I will always be sad because I will not see you
anymore, Lord, and without you, I will feel very alone."

That angel will be with you, will talk to you about me and will show
you the way

At that moment, a deep silence and infinite peace could be felt in
heaven. No voices or sound could be heard.  Sweetly, looking at the
Lord, the new baby softly said,

"Lord, please tell me. What is the angel's name?"

And the Lord replied:

That special and wonderful angel I chose for you is called....

........ Mother 

Written by Richard Luann


Angel peepholes

up there on the floor of heaven
there are angels peeking through
tiny opening for them to see
all that happens to me and you

they see all the accidents
and know who is at fault
they see who started a fight
watched the senseless assault

they also see the good things done
a scout helps crossing the street
it makes them feel real good
When they watch evil retreat

It kinda makes me watch my step
So I won't do any thing wrong
do what I can to help people out
and listen for angelic song

Written by
Sean Mc Kelvy,
The Poet of Alamo

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