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Wings that can move make the flowers in the sky...

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Below you will find links to all my pages including Faeries,
Angel's and Butterflies. I also have a page of links for free graphics
for your web page. And if you like butterflies I have put a collection together of all the .gif's and .jpg's I have collected from the web.
Most of the Graphics on this page I made with PSP Tubes and
Ulead Photo. Please do not take any of the graphics from this page. For more information see the Terms of Use Page. Remember I now offer Gifts for you!

World of Faeries World of Butterflies World of Angels

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Many times visitors end up at this web site looking for the actress "Sandra Dee" . I am not the actress, just someone with the same name. If you would like to visit sites pertaining to her please click here.

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Click the above picture to visit World Of Fairies: Updated 2/20/05

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Click the above picture to visit World Of Butterflies: Updated 9/9/02

Click the above picture to visit World Of Angels: Updated 2/12/01

To see more pictures like the ones above check out Sandra Dee's Slide Show. Updated 7/26/02

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World of Faeries World of Angels World of Butterflies

Remember - If you bought it, A truck hauled it! Don't be mean to our truckers, when you see them on the road, have patients and let them by.

Without Trucks America Stops! Think about it.

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Trucks move material to make the steel 
And everything in your next meal 
From Beans, to rice, to sugarcane 
It all ends up in that left lane 
The lumber it took to build your house 
Your clothes, to your computer mouse 
Everything that's in your yard 
The gas you just put in your car 
When that "Big Rig" is on the street 
He might be haulin, what you eat 
He brought the goods for that newborn 
That later tells him " Blow Your Horn" 

Above from The Lady Truckers Site

Respect our truckers!

A Truckers Prayer

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Most of the graphics on this page I made with PSP Tubes and Ulead Photo. Please do not take any of the graphics from this page. For free graphics visit the links above under "index"
click here to go to my PSP tubes index. You can also visit "A Gift For You"

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